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Monday, October 17, 2016

Typhoon Karen

Maupay na kulop, 

Kamusta man kamo? The weather sure has been crazy here! But we have been safe. :) It has been much worse in other parts of our mission and further north west. Saturday we had a signal 2, so we just stayed in the apartment almost all day for safety. 

As far as the work, it's great! We have some awesome investigators right now working towards baptism and some new potentials that have great faith and are asking the right questions. I love being a missionary! I still have little moments, even now, when it just hits me -  I am speaking with the people in their language, easily understanding, joking around with them about life and then introducing the restored gospel to them. Being a missionary is really hard, but at the same time, you know, it's really easy. 

Sometimes I forget I'm in a foreign country speaking a foreign language. It's almost like this is my home now. These people are my family. I will never forget them. :)

Last night we got locked out of our apartment, because we locked the keys inside. Haha the sisters were trying to get in from this ghetto hole in the cement that just has a piece of nailed plywood. BUT I jimmied the door open with Sister Russon's Insurance card!!! (She volunteered it) My first time!! It really was a miracle! There was no extra key. So basically,you better watch out. Cause now I'm a pro at getting into locked doors ;) 

Anyways, Paghirot kamo perme!! Until next week!


Sister Healey

General Conference

Sisters trying to get into the apartment

A locked door? no problem :)

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