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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 

Kamusta ang inyong Pasko!?! Haha it was a hot Christmas here! Like our tiny Christmas tree? haha On Christmas we went out and sang hymns and a message about Jesus Christ with our Less Actives. We sang "Where can I Turn for Peace?" (One of my favorite hymns) and we shared a scripture found in 2 Nephi 19:6 which says something about the birth of Christ and we emphasized about Him being the Prince of Peace. I know that no matter what we go through we can find peace in our Savior Jesus Christ. And the picture on the beach was on Dec 25th. Featuring Sister Pongyan. A merry Christmas indeed. :) Haha  There were a LOT of drunk people everywhere. We had a few drunk tatays try and talk about religion with us, but they were so wasted, one guy said his favorite scripture was John 3:16 and he quoted, "Forgive! So love the world! . . . " haha it was so funny. 

The Encina family committed to get married!! They have lived together for 19 years but still aren't married. Tatay had a lot of concerns about money and marriage, but yesterday we went and visited them with our Branch President and a few members and taught about the Law of Chastity, Marriage, and temples. The spirit was so strong and tatay almost cried. They have come so far and I love them so much. I know one day they will be sealed in the temple. 

This morning we woke up really early and went and played basketball with the Encina kids in Caray-Caray, close to their home. And some of their neighborhood friends joined in. It was fun and Johnson is really good! It's becoming a P-Day tradition now. :) 

I feel like so much happened this week, but no time for details! We had our Christmas Conference in Ormoc which was really fun! And I got mail! That was exciting! And I got to skype home which was really nice. And funny to see my family's reactions when they heard my Cebuano.. haha reminds me of my first day in here in the Philippines. I love this work and I can't believe it is almost 2016!! Make great new years resolutions and actually TRY to keep them this year!! Cge?! haha  Until next year! ;) 

Amping Kanunay! 

Sister Healey

Package sent with Maddie to open on Christmas Eve.
A Healey Family tradition

New Christmas pajamas to wear to bed on Christmas eve
for Sister Healey and her companion

A sunny Christmas day

Basketball on P-day!

Christmas conference

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Look for the happiness in life, because it is there, and sometimes all it takes to find it is a change of perspective.

Malipayon Pasko!!! 

I'm a mother!!! haha My anak is Sister Pongyan (21) from Cavite which is in Lozone so she is Tagalog gayud. But she was not called to serve in Tacloban Mission. Her real mission is Colorado, Colorado Springs Mission,but she is waiting on her visa so she can go to the states. So for now, she is here in Tacloban Mission! PTM! haha  She doesn't even know the basics of Cebuano because she was in the English District in the MTC. BUT she is learning! haha So she will (hopefully) be here and finish training in our mission, then siguro after training she will get her visa and head out to the states! So any of you that live over there, and see her, ask about me! Haha It's so funny. She calls me "Nanay" or "Nay" I don't think she has called me Sister Healey once, but she is really sweet and funny. We get along well. :) 

I can't believe it is almost Christmas!! AHH I'm so excited!! We have a Christmas Conference in Ormoc this week where we will get all of the mail that the mission office has been Keeping from us all month! So Merry Christmas! As far as actual Christmas, we still go out and work! But what better way of spending Christmas than sharing about Jesus Christ. One thing that is different here is the caroling. Back home we go caroling to spread Christmas Cheer and visit people with cookies or something, but here Caroling is people (normally kids) going door to door banging together rocks, pans, sticks, and begging for money. Like they don't just sing for fun. So that crossed that proselyting idea of the list... 

It's funny how right now it is the "Brrr" months here in the Philippines, but it is still SO hot. haha the only white thing about Christmas this year is going to be me. Today is the branch Christmas Party and my zone is singing for the Christmas Conference. Our apartment doesn't have any decorations in it, and I have no clue what we will eat for Christmas, siguro the usual, but I am still so happy. Those things are nice, but not essential. I am just so grateful for Jesus Christ and His love. He is the gift. He is our Savior. 

This Christmas, spend time with your family. Love them. Even if you are angry at them right now, love them. Hug them. Do little acts of kindness that shows them your love. and most of all, remember the true meaning of Christmas. 

I love you all. Ang akong paglaum para sa inyo, pikakadabest inyong Pasko!

Amping Kanunay. Make a snowman for me. Lick an ice sickle. Send me a picture of you in the rain and warm clothes. But most of all, look for the happiness in life. Because it is there, and sometimes all it takes to find it is a change of perspective. :) 

Sister Healey

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Transfers, Sister Newton goes home, I'm Training!

Kamusta Ang Tanan! 

Today is Transfer day! I am in Tacloban and will be here until Thursday because I am training!! So I am Staying in Naval, Biliran for the next two cycles as I train my anak! Sister Newton is heading home this week to America as her mission comes to a close. She has served long and hard. She will be missed. Rest in Peace Sister Newton. But! I'm excited to be training! haha Right after my own training... but I will do my best! And I will be leading the area! Shempre kay I'm the trainer. It will be an adventure.

Yesturday I worked in Dagami, Leyte which is Waray. haha It was fun to transfer and I actually really liked it! Waray is a much slower spoken language compared to Cebuano which is fast paced, and Dagami is Sister Powell's area! So for these few days I have been reunited with my companions from the MTC! Until Thursday, Sister Allen will be my companion because she is training too! haha and neither of us really know Waray ... and we are in Tacloban, which is Waray. So that will be fun! 

As a few of you probably know there was a typhoon that hit here in Tacloban mission these past 2 days, but no worries, we are all safe. :) It hasn't been too bad where I have been. Especially as I traveled I missed the worst of it. 

This last week we had a black out in Biliran, not weather related. The whole island's power was out. If only one area goes out it is called a "Brown out" and those are pretty common, but to have the whole island out was rare. I still don't know what happened, but it eventually came back on. 

We also had Mission Tour! The Area 70, President Ardern, came and spoke and gave a training this past week. It was really good and motivating to get out there and work even harder. 

We also had an FHE this week with our investigators, the Encina Family! It was so fun. I love them so much. Tatay is still stubborn as ever but he said he is going to stop smoking cold turkey for New Years!! I love them so much! He also refused a picture with his family, so we had to sneak a picture. haha Too bad you can't see his face. 

This last Sunday, Sister Newton's last, so many Less Active Members came to church! It was the best feeling ever when we saw them. Families and members that we have been visiting and visiting and just haven't done anything, BUT they came to church. And they looked so happy! It really makes such a difference in our lives! There is a reason that going to church is a commandment. Because in the end, all of the commandments of God are for our happiness, right? 

I love this work and helping others remember God and His love for them. One thing that I have noticed as I have studied the scriptures is they say a lot, "...to bring them into remembrance..." because our lives are so busy, and we get caught up in ourselves and our own problems and lives that we forget God. We forget our Savior Jesus Christ. It is through church, reading the scriptures, and prayer that we remember Him. If we we don't do those things, God will make us remember Him by giving us trials and tribulation to knock some sense back into us. 

So remember God. Remember and be grateful for all of the blessings you have in your life, before He makes you remember. Because really, all He wants is our eternal joy and happiness. 

Amping Kanunay,

Sister Healey

Sunday, December 6, 2015

RIP Sister Newton :)

Kamusta ang tanan! 

Time is flying! And it doesn't even feel like Christmas! haha I think it might actually be getting hotter... but I'm still excited and love this time of year we have to remember and focus on our Savior Jesus Christ. If you haven't seen it yet, go look up christmas.mormon.org! And get involved! Lets all do our best to remember the true meaning of Christmas. :) 

I don't even know what happened this week... haha But this week is my last with Sister Newton! Then she goes home! I'm killing her off. Next Tuesday are transfers! So I'm not sure if I will stay here in Naval, Biliran or not. I will find out tomorrow what my fate will be!

I'm sorry I don't have a lot of time! I'm sure I will have a lot to write about next week, so until next then, take care!

Sister Healey