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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel

Maupay na aga ha iyo ngatanan! 

Happy Halloween! Man I've missed 2 now!! But that's ok. I don't miss the scary, but I do miss the dressing up, games and free candy. haha Have fun and stay safe! 

Yesterday at church Sister Russon and I were asked to be speakers, 5 minutes before Sacrament meeting started. I gave an on the spot talk on Service in the church and callings. While I have been on my mission, I have really learned the importance of magnifying our callings. In different branches and wards, I have seen first hand the successes and struggles that come when people do and don't magnify their callings. The church just doesn't function how it is supposed to. 

Also, yesterday some of our Less Actives came to church for the first time in a long time. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect. He is perfect. But we are NOT. The church is for the perfecting of the Saints. As we attend our church services happily, with a good attitude, looking to learn and magnifying our callings, we will be uplifted, blessed, and our burdens will be lightened. 

"Put your shoulder to the wheel, push along! Do your duty with a heart full of song. We all have work, let no one shirk, put your shoulder to the wheel." There are people waiting for YOU. That only you can help. Only you can be their saving angel through your service, so put your should to the wheel! 

I love you all! Don't have too much fun without me this Halloween! ;)

Sister Healey

p.s. send me pictures of your Halloween costumes! 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Time is passing too quickly!!

Maupay na kulop!

This past week has been good. :) We had our zone interviews with our Mission President. Exchanges with the Sisters assigned in Sulat, Samar. I am always shocked when it is P-day again, because it all just goes so fast. I LOVE the Philippines. I cannot believe how fast my time has gone here. Almost 3 months left.... that's scary.

One thing that I have learned in my mission and really noticed recently in the work here in Catbalogan, is there are people waiting and ready for the gospel in their lives. Sister Russon and I have seen many miracles recently and so many people that are progressing. Finding those people and sometimes, even them finding us! I love missionary work and seeing how the gospel and the Atonement of Jesus Christ have blessed my life and the lives of those around me.

I hope you are all doing well! The Church is true! Our Heavenly Father knows and loves each and everyone of us! Don't forget it!

Until next week! Hinay kam perme.

Sister Healey

This morning we got up early and went to Parola to watch the sunrise. A part of our area where the "I <3 Catbalogan City" sign is.

This morning we got up early and went to Parola to watch the sunrise.
 A part of our area where the "I <3 Catbalogan City" sign is.

Sunrise part 2

Sunrise part 3

Monday, October 17, 2016

Typhoon Karen

Maupay na kulop, 

Kamusta man kamo? The weather sure has been crazy here! But we have been safe. :) It has been much worse in other parts of our mission and further north west. Saturday we had a signal 2, so we just stayed in the apartment almost all day for safety. 

As far as the work, it's great! We have some awesome investigators right now working towards baptism and some new potentials that have great faith and are asking the right questions. I love being a missionary! I still have little moments, even now, when it just hits me -  I am speaking with the people in their language, easily understanding, joking around with them about life and then introducing the restored gospel to them. Being a missionary is really hard, but at the same time, you know, it's really easy. 

Sometimes I forget I'm in a foreign country speaking a foreign language. It's almost like this is my home now. These people are my family. I will never forget them. :)

Last night we got locked out of our apartment, because we locked the keys inside. Haha the sisters were trying to get in from this ghetto hole in the cement that just has a piece of nailed plywood. BUT I jimmied the door open with Sister Russon's Insurance card!!! (She volunteered it) My first time!! It really was a miracle! There was no extra key. So basically,you better watch out. Cause now I'm a pro at getting into locked doors ;) 

Anyways, Paghirot kamo perme!! Until next week!


Sister Healey

General Conference

Sisters trying to get into the apartment

A locked door? no problem :)

Monday, October 10, 2016

Keep life simple

Maupay na odto! 

Kamusta kamo ngatanan?! I am so happy we were able to watch General Conference this past week! One thing I have developed on my mission is a love for General Conference! Receiving revelation and a spiritual boost 2 times a year! Yesterday was awesome. We had 3 new investigator families come to church for the FIRST time! And it was General Conference! So exciting! 

Yesterday was so crazy because I was entertaining and trying to control the kids in the back of the chapel while the families listened to General Conference. Thanks mom for sending those coloring books. They were a life saver. :) It was chaotic, kids fighting over crayons and tattling on each other. Made me think back to when I was a kid.... that makes me feel old. It was so tiring, haha There were about 30 kids in all. With my luck, when I come home my first calling will be in primary. I do love kids and when they weren't being too crazy it was fun and entertaining to see how easily entertained they are. 

Life really can be so simple, but we have to choose to keep it simple. Not getting caught up in the worldly things around us and forgetting what truly is important. I love how life is so simple here. Kids are so creative with the games they have, and the people are so happy. 

When I come home I'm going to have culture shock, I just know it... haha


Sister Healey :) 

I'm sorry I can't send pics today because my stuff has a virus... next week hopefully. :) 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Short but sweet :)

Maupay na Kulop!

Happy Birthday Sister Russon and Emie Delacruz!! They are both 21 today!!! This has been a crazy week! We had another MLC meeting in Tacloban Tues-Wed and then on Friday we had a Zone Training meeting. Because we have been travelling so much this week, we have not been able to work as much. 

Tomorrow is Transfers, but I'm staying here in Catbalogan!! Sister Russon and I get to stay together for another cycle!! We are so excited!  

I'm sorry, I forgot my old planner (new cycle = new planner) therefore I cannot remember details of what happened this past week. haha SO, next week I will share all the fun stories!  But I love you all! Take care, and listen to the Prophets' voice!  

In the mean time, at least enjoy these pictures. :) 

Sister Healey

 Zone Leaders Elder Woolston and Elder Ferrer
Sister Training Leaders Sister Russon and Sister Healey

Happy birthday Sister Russon

 The Duena Family + Danica, Emie, Lanie, and Jaira

Wife of the deaf Tatay