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Monday, October 10, 2016

Keep life simple

Maupay na odto! 

Kamusta kamo ngatanan?! I am so happy we were able to watch General Conference this past week! One thing I have developed on my mission is a love for General Conference! Receiving revelation and a spiritual boost 2 times a year! Yesterday was awesome. We had 3 new investigator families come to church for the FIRST time! And it was General Conference! So exciting! 

Yesterday was so crazy because I was entertaining and trying to control the kids in the back of the chapel while the families listened to General Conference. Thanks mom for sending those coloring books. They were a life saver. :) It was chaotic, kids fighting over crayons and tattling on each other. Made me think back to when I was a kid.... that makes me feel old. It was so tiring, haha There were about 30 kids in all. With my luck, when I come home my first calling will be in primary. I do love kids and when they weren't being too crazy it was fun and entertaining to see how easily entertained they are. 

Life really can be so simple, but we have to choose to keep it simple. Not getting caught up in the worldly things around us and forgetting what truly is important. I love how life is so simple here. Kids are so creative with the games they have, and the people are so happy. 

When I come home I'm going to have culture shock, I just know it... haha


Sister Healey :) 

I'm sorry I can't send pics today because my stuff has a virus... next week hopefully. :) 

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