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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Don't be afraid of rejection, stand up for what you believe in!

Maayong Hapon!

I'm doing well! Thanksgiving was just like any other day here, the only difference is I made mashed potatoes for dinner! haha And Sister Newton demanded that we wear matching outfits. But we spent dinner going back and forth listing off the things we are thankful for. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. :) 

Ok... so much happened this week! For instance, we were OYM-ing (open your mouth/testify) this tindahan (a little store where they sell goodies, we don't have them in america) owner when a member of Iglesia ni Cristo showed up... so Iglesia ni Cristo, is a religion found only here in the Philippines. A member of the 70 wanted to be prophet but because the church doesn't work like that he got mad and left and decided to go build a church in the Philippines. Well they are alike in some ways... but have a lot of differences! One of the biggest differences is that they hate Mormons!  So this InC came and started bashing our religion in front of this man we were oym-ing. Everything we would testify about he would interrupt and say No, bash bash bash, and yell false doctrine that he found about our church on the internet (so it must be true if it was on the internet..).  It was rough...but the spirit just testified even stronger to me how true our church is! People can say what ever they want, but NO ONE can take away from your belief except for you. This man is bashing us and the church, and we are just listening, telling him that we don't want to debate, but he is not listening. Our tindahan oym is just listening, so intrigued by our conversation, we just turned to him and testified of truths. The spirit was so strong!! And we got a return appointment. :) 

Don't be afraid of rejection. Stand up for what you believe in. Share the Gospel.  

The Encina family is still progressing, and doing way good! Tatay is still his stubborn self, but he's slowly getting there :) We went back to them after teaching the word of wisdom, and they were all drinking Energin instead of coffee!!!!! Even tatay!!!! We were SO happy! Slowly but surely they'll come. Nanay is so ready for baptism and she wants to be sealed in the Cebu temple, just need to wait on tatay... but Nanay has a testimony :) I love this family so much! 

So it turns out that our recent convert Kim (16) has a crush on my kabalay (roommate) Sister Estrera (20). So that's funny. 

My Cebuano is slowly getting better. My STL (Sister Training Leader) told me I'm for sure training next cycle... haha I guess we will have to wait and find out! 

Until next week! Love you all! 

Sister Healey

Our Thanksgiving feast


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