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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Two new Sisters to help in Naval, a new family to teach, and a winking petticab driver

Maayong Buntag!

Kamusta Kamo!? Kinning semana, nakadawat mi og usa ka bago nga companionship! Naa ko'y kabalay na! Sister Estrera ug Sister Maico! Pinoy sila! Gihapon, Taga Cebu Si Sister Estrera. So kahibalo siya Cebuano. Swerte siya. haha Pero sobrang buotan siya, so Ok ra. :)

Basta! It's funny because Sister Maico is my sister! She was trained by Sister Newton and now is training! SO we are one big family! Haha We split the area in half so now Sister Newton and I have South Naval where our recent convert Kim lives, and the other Sisters have North Naval.

Right now we have this one investigator, Mendy. She is so awesome! She's 22 and single and works at the hospital. Her brother's live-in is a member, who is sometimes active, and her fellowshipper. Her biggest concern is she's worried her dad will be mad if she gets baptized or changes religion. So she has been praying for her answer but hasn't been able to receive it because of her fear of her father. We just had a really good lesson with her about obedience and about fasting, and she just has come a lot closer to Heavenly Father! We hope to just be able to continue to help her on her journey to find the truth.

We also have a family, the Encina family. I LOVE this family! We taught them about 2 weeks ago, but haven't been able to go back to them. They are former investigators and went to church about 10 years ago for like 3 or 4 months. Anyways, the first time we went the tatay (father) was outside and we had to ask him to join like 4 times, but he finally did!  We had a really good lesson with them but he wouldn't pray at the end... Oh, this tatay is the funniest person I have ever met! Basta, we hadn't been able to teach them for 2 weeks because they were busy or the dad wasn't there, but the other day Sister Newton saw him. We couldn't remember where we knew him from, but he wave and we waved back. Then we saw him again the next day and I realized who he was! We were going to go over to talk to him, but he walked over to us before we could and he talked to us. We asked when we could come back and he said later! So we set an appointment.  I just really love that family! They're so ready! They just need a little work! Tatay is fighting the spirit that he feels and he is trying to act like it isn't affecting him and he isn't ever going to change, but he's close.  I wish I could just show you everything he does and you could see how funny he is.  His daughter Janel has been reading the Book of Mormon! She's on chapter 12. In the last lesson we were out of extra Cebuano Books of Mormon so I let her borrow my English one. She liked it, so I wrote my testimony quick in the back of it and gave it to her. She was really happy and even prayed to close the last lesson! I'm so excited for this family! :)

This week has been good, but kind of rough because I've been sick. But don't worry! It's pretty normal for missionaries and it's just a cold. I've been taking medicine and I'm doing better now. :)

Something funny happened this week and pretty much every day now -- so Sister Newton and I stand out a lot because we are 2 Americans... and we get a lot of attention. We were walking and this petticab driver passed us and winked at me. We didn't think about it again, but a couple of days later the same petticab driver passed us and winked at me again and it was the same guy! So Sister Newton looked and the driver was still winking. He was turned around in his seat winking at us. His face was the funniest thing I have ever seen! Every time we see him he still winks at us and we see him almost every day. It’s so funny and weird.

Basta, this week has been good! My tan lines are getting darker, my hair blonder, and muscles (eyebrows) stronger. haha

Filipina na ako. haha Nahigugma ko sa Pilipinas ug Nasayud ko nga sobrang importante ang missionary work. So OYM. Open your mouth and testify. :)

Until next week! Amping!

Sister Healey

 Sister Estrera, Sister Maico, Sister Newton, Sister Healey 

Me trying to catch a crab using my umbrella flashlight.
 Sister Newton thought it was funny so she took a picture

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