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Monday, June 27, 2016

The drought is over!!

Maupay na Aga! 

Kamusta Kamo ngatanan?! The drought is over! For the past 4 days the heavens opened up and it has been pouring. Even though it is not that fun to work in, I am SO thankful for it because the people (including us) have been struggling in the lack of water. But not anymore!! Hopefully it will keep up. :) #blessings

This past week we have been so blessed to be able to hear from the area 70, Elder Bowen and his wife! They visited Tacloban Mission and even came to Catbalogan! My area! Half of the mission came and received a training in our chapel. I learned so muc about the Abrahamic covenant, House of Israel, oath and covenant of Priesthood, and Baptismal Covenant and how they are all interconnected! I think these are really subjects that a lot of members don't know a lot about and I challenge each one of you to do some research! LDS.org, or more importantly the scriptures! Look in the Index or read True to the Faith. We are all entitled to so many blessings through the covenant of baptism but our own personal righteousness is what determines if we are enabled to receive those blessings or not. 

He also taught about False Limitations. He used an analogy about fleas. If you put fleas in a jar with a lid on it, over time the fleas will stop jumping so high that they hit the lid. They will continue to jump, but never any higher than where that lid is, even if you take it off. The fleas are able to jump out, but the don't. They have false limitations. Really all of us have false limitations in our lives. We can really DO and BECOME so much! But we don't because we come up with excuses and doubts. I know that Moroni 7:33 is true. Through our faith in Christ we can do or become ANYTHING in this world. It is overcoming those false limitations we have set on ourselves. Heavenly Father knows our true potential. We have to put all of those doubts and fears aside and BECOME who He knows we can become. Every single day of our lives we have been given thousands of opportunities. We have freedom of choice. We all have limitations and some of them are real, BUT most are false and we have to break through them. You have to choose for yourself, each and every day, what you will make of it. 

That is definitely something I have learned on my mission, especially because we get up at 6:30 every morning and go to bed at 10:30 every night. Our days are long, but go by so fast! I have seen first hand how we can accomplish SO much in just ONE day! It's amazing. 

I think I have already quoted this once but it's good so I will again. :) 

      "Every day we are given a choice: To wake up and chase our dreams or to stay asleep and continue dreaming." 

Let's make the most of each day, and look around us to see who we can help along the way. 

I love you all! Take care always! Remember who you are! A child of God. 

Sister Healey

Part of my district (missing 2 elders)

Funny story: so we were in this investigators house (same one I emailed about before) and all of these kids came out of nowhere and joined in the lesson. It was SO loud and almost no one was listening. But after the lesson. after we took this group picture, their house broke. haha! It was so bad! Because there were too many of us and it was just made our of some bamboo. I felt so bad but sister was just laughing so I'm assuming it is ok..

In a waiting shed in one of our areas, out working



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