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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Count Your Blessings!

Kumusta Kam? 

This is week 2 in Catbalogan and it is seriously so pretty! These past two weeks have been pretty fun other than the current drought here. Water is really scarce here so it's been a big challenge for the people here. Most of the people can't bathe or do their laundry. Every other night the Elders come to our apartment and help haul the water in buckets up to our 3rd floor apartment. We are just lucky we have water. I will never take running water for granted again. I have seen how much it has affected these peoples lives first hand and I know that there are thousands of people around the world suffering as well. We really need to stop taking so many things for granted. Instead of complaiing all the time, take a step back and really count your blessings. 

This past week there was one day that we had 8 lessons! We also had exchanges with the Borogan sisters! My companion was Sister Garcia from Florida. The investigators here are awesome and hopefully we will have a family Baptism this Saturday!

There is this really old deaf investigator couple that we taught this past week. Tatay was probably the cutest old man I have ever met. Sister Prudencio and I almost lost our voices from practically screaming the opening hymn "I Know My Father Lives." Then as we were teaching about baptism, I showed him the picture of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus and asked him what he saw. He just giggled then told us it looked like two people dancing. Then we all started laughing. He did not believe us, especially when we told him they were standing in water. When I invited him to be baptized he said he was scared of drowning. We assured him that there would be someone to help him so he would not drown. He is SO funny. In the upper 80,s. I'm so excited to go back to them this week. 

That's all I have time for this week, but I love you all! Hope you are doing well! Remember to count your blessings! 

Sister Healey

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