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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Fathers Day!

Maupay na Udto!

Kamusta kam!? First of all, I just want to say Happy Father's Day to every single father figure out there! And especially to my dad, "The best dad in the universe" Thank you all for all of your hard work and sacrifice to provide, lead, and guide the generations of this time. And I love you dad. :) 

This past week flew by. We had two exchanges! Tuesday was with the sisters assigned in San Joaquin, a newer area that opened just a few cycles ago. Sister Fajardo and Sister Lizardo, they are both from Luzon so they are native Tagalog speakers. My companion for the day was Sister Lizardo. She is the same batch as Sister Pongyan and Sister Sulunga. It was fun and I had a few flashbacks from when I was training Sister Pongyan in Naval. Friday we did exchanges with the Catbalogan 2 sisters! Sister Arais and Sister Bombasi! My comp for that day was Sister Bombasi. She is Filipina but grew up in Indonesia. It was such a fun day. I love being an STL and being able to meet so many different people. 

Our mission president Maurer joined our District meeting Tuesday with his wife and fresh RM son. Afterwards, Sister Maurer went and worked with us for one appointment. It was such a cool experience. We went there in the mission car, which was a LOT faster than a pedicab or tricycle. When we climbed up to this investigators door, it turned out she wasn't home. BUT her grandma was and we were able to talk our way in the door and share an on the spot lesson about the Plan of Salvation because this Lola's husband and son have both died. So there we were, three white foreigners, sitting in this little oven of a house, and it was such a good lesson. Even though Sister Maurer couldn't really understand what we were saying, I would translate for her, then she shared her testimony of how there is life after death. How families really can be together forever. The spirit was so strong and this little old Lola started tearing up. She understood the English. The Holy Ghost really is the teacher, not us, and the spirit can speak all languages. 

Saturday we went out to Brgy. Pupua to visit the deaf people. The old 80+ Lola and Lolo, but we found out that last Sunday, Lola told Lolo that she was really sick and probably going to die soon so he was going to be on his own. This little Lolo gathered all of his clothes, borrowed some pamasahe (travel money) from his neighbors then took of for Calbayog so he could sell all of his clothes to buy medicine for his wife. If that is not true love then I don't know what is. 

On Saturday the Bustillo Family was baptized!! They have been waiting for a long time to be baptized because they had to wait for their 5 year mark together. Here in the Pilipinas there is no divorce so a lot of people either don't marry or are not able to remarry. There is a special rule here, that if a couple have been together for 5 years (and are not able to marry because of a previous spouse) and are interviewed by the mission president and found worthy, then they can be baptized! SO they were baptized! It was such a happy day. They were just glowing after the baptism and were just so insanely happy. I am so blessed to have been able to be a part of their special day. 

I know that this Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives. It has changed mine. I am so thankful that I have had this opportunity to be here in the Philippines and to have met these people. They have changed my life as well. I know that if Jesus Christ is the center of our lives, no matter the problem or challenge, we can overcome. We can endure and even enjoy. That is the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It has no limits. 

Love you all. Take care always! Until next week! 

Sister Healey

Bustillo Baptism


Sanico (investigator) family

Bustillo kid JohnAlbert. This little kids just ran up to us (Sis. P and me) and grabbed our noses randomly. haha because they are so much longer than their flat little Filipino noses.

Sister Prudencio,Sister Healey and Tagalog (what we use because no Waray waray) Book of Mormon.

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