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Monday, May 30, 2016


Maupay na Aga ha iyo ngatanan. 

Kamusta Kam? 

These last two weeks have been busy. Last Monday we had a Zone Activity in Tacloban! It was combined with Tolosa Zone and Carigara Zone so we got to see a lot of missionaries and friends. We played missionary tag then went outside and played basketball and volleyball. It was a lot of fun and reminded me of the MTC days. 

Then this past week we had 3 FHE's and 2 of them were surprise birthday parties! They were so fun. The first FHE's here in Tanauan and all in one week! Oh by the way, this coming Wednesday is Transfer day!! I have no idea what will happen and will not know until Tuesday, but I am pretty sure Sister Esekia and I are splitting! Which will be sad. We have come a really far way and I'm going to miss her. 

Friday I learned how to play a Filipino game, Sepa! You hit a little coin thing as many times as you can then kick it. I asked these two little girls who are part-member investigators what their favorite game was, then asked them to teach me. All the little kids in the neighborhood gathered around and we played. haha They were going crazy. It was so fun. 

Sunday, Sister Esekia gave a short talk because it is probably her last, then we had a musical number!! I played the uke and the two of us sang the song "How Can I Be." It reminded me of Girl's Camp days and EFY when we would sing it. haha I was so nervous and was pretty shaky as we started, but once we got into the chorus I calmed down and it went well. 

In the last two weeks I have also caught 9 mice by chasing them down with a plastic bag around my hand. . . . the mission really does prepare for life.

This morning we woke up at 3:30 and went hiking! It was so pretty. It ended up raining on our way back down so we all got wet, but it was still a lot of fun!  

Sorry no update last week, but I am still alive and kicking. :) Loving missionary life. I'm in denial of how little time I have left. Just trying to take it one day at a time and really appreciate the little things. Even though we have so many stresses in our day to day lives, one of our main purposes in life is to be happy, and happiness does not equal fun. Happiness is peace and joy from knowing you are doing the right thing. 

Hope you all are doing well. Keep on keepin' on! Hinay!

Sister Healey

Playing with the neighborhood children

FHE birthday party

Another FHE birthday party

Catching mice

Views from early morning hike

Views from early morning hike

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