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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Progressing investigators and too much rain!

Maayong Adlaw!

How are you all?! I'm doing great! BUT my bathroom is still broken.. haha so that's fun. It has been pouring rain almost everyday here which makes it really hard to walk out in the wilderness because it is so muddy. haha Sister Pongyan almost fell so many times. I almost fell over laughing watching her try to navigate across the slippery slopes. 

This past week we have a few new progressing investigators! We have a part-member family and some of them went to church yesterday! The Candido Family. They have been going through a lot lately and the two young men who are members, Leobeth and Leomar have been preparing to serve missions. Their family were some of the laziest uninterested investigators who never kept their commitments. Sister Pongyan and I started from the beginning all over again and they are excited about the gospel!! When I saw them at church yesterday I almost started crying, I was so happy. Plus the 2 members were So happy to have their siblings go to church for the first time with them. Next week hopefully their mom will go as well. 

The other day while we were out proselyting some girls started taking some selfies so Sister Pongyan and I photobombed their pictures. As soon as people saw us,  everyone around us just started taking so many pictures of me. Haha it was like being surround by paparazzi (at least what I imagine it would be like). 

Fast and Testimony meeting yesterday was SO good. I cried for almost the whole meeting, and it was NOT because I was hungry.The spirit was so strong. One member who has not been able to go to church for over a year because his family won't let him, Victor Birdida, CAME TO CHURCH! That is really what made me cry. When he walked in all of the youth, his friends, were so unbelievably happy. He goes to seminary, all the activities, is basically active, just doesn't go to church on Sunday. But he came yesterday. I know that fasting is a commandment of God and that if we "fast and pray oft" that Heavenly Father will help us and see our sacrifice. 

I am in denial that I only have a year left. But I am going to make the absolute most of it and work hard. To give these people Heaven. (Not hell). haha 

I love you guys. Hope you are all doing well. Until next week. :) 

Amping Kanunay,

Sister Healey

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