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Monday, February 22, 2016

Press Forward Saints

Kamusta Kamo!? 

I hope you all had a great week and were able to help brighten someones day. 

This morning we went to a beach in Biliran, Biliran with the zone! It was so pretty!
The Candido Family accepted Baptismal dates for March 19th! They are really progressing and it makes me so happy every time I see them wearing the CTR rings I gave them. :) 

This week has had a lot of ups and downs! Sadly, the Encina family dropped us. It was really hard, but I still have faith that one day some other missionaries will be able to return to them again. Right now is just not their time. Of course we respect their decision. We do not force people. As missionaries we invite and help others come unto Christ through the restored gospel. 

That day was rough, but I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers. He knows each and everyone of us. When I was feeling down, blaming myself for what I could have done better, we had a Family Home Evening at the Abrigo family's house. I felt inspired to have the lesson be about all of our testimonies. Sister Pongyan and I shared ours, then I opened up the time for all those who attended (almost all of the youth plus the Abrigo family) to share their testimonies. The spirit was SO strong. Everyone cried and all of our hearts were touched by the spirit. 

Just when I was feeling down, Heavenly Father helped lift me back up, especially when it got to Kim's turn. He was one of the last to bear testimony.  He is a recent convert to the Church. To be here and to have known him before when he was still investigating, until now, when he is a worthy priesthood holder, involved in church activities, passing the sacrament, and sometimes even working with us, brings me so much happiness I never could have imagined. As he bore his testimony of the restored church, of our savior Jesus Christ and of how he is thankful for the missionaries who taught him and helped change his life, I just felt like this is why I served a mission. To help others receive the same happiness that I have received from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know it was not really me who did anything, it was the spirit who taught him and softened his heart. I am just thankful and blessed to have been able to serve here in Naval and to serve the people here with all of my heart, might, mind, and strength. 

If I go my whole mission with only one baptism, I will still count that as a success because I was able to help Kim. But more importantly, I was able to be a tool in God's hands.

That is missionary work; bringing others happiness through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ because He is the true source of all of our happiness. 

Amping Kanunay,

Sister Healey

Billiran, Billiran with part of the zone

The beach at Billiran, Billiran

Exchanges with Sister Asug

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