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Monday, September 26, 2016

Wedding Bells!

Maupay na Udto! 

Good Day to all! And Hip Hip Hooray!! The Adina Family got Married today!!! They are now officially Brother and Sister Adina!! Now they are a complete family and one step closer to their baptism!! It was really simple, signing some papers at the city hall and then a reception at Cafe Maria Rosario. It was so fun! Such a good day!! 

This past Saturday we had a baptism! Four! The Duena kids, Jeffery, Gladys, Jessica, and JinJin. They are the cutest, nicest kids ever! Right after their baptism we went back to their house and had a combined FHE with the Bustillo and Sanico families! It was fiesta that night in Barangay Mercedes so it was kind of crazy, but we had a blast all of us bonding in the Duena family's house. When I first transferred here the Duena family was inactive. They never came to church or read the scriptures. When we visited them they were just kind of sad, but now they are all glowing with the light of Christ! Nanay was SOO happy during their baptism, rushing around trying to help her grand kids get redressed, in and out of the font. I know the the gospel of Jesus Christ is what really brings us true happiness and prepares us for eternal happiness as well. There are so many things in the world that seemingly give people happiness like money, alcohol, a new car,  what ever it may be. But that is not happiness. That is temporal and will all be gone someday.  We need to keep an eternal perspective. I am so blessed to have been able to meet the Duena family and the Adina family because they are some pretty special people. (I mean, aren't we all?) haha 

I am so excited for General Conference in the upcoming weeks, and some of you are so lucky that you get to watch it live. haha But I'm not bitter at all ;) 

I love you all! Listen to the Prohet's voice! Endure to the end! Choose the harder rightrather than the easier wrong! We all know where we want to go and that is to return and be with our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ and to live with our Eternal Families. #JustDoIt

Hinay kamo!

Sister Healey

Brother and Sister Adina

Reception after the wedding

The Duena kids' baptism

FHE after baptism

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