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Sunday, September 11, 2016

A busy week!

Maupay na aga! 

Kamusta kamo ngatanan?! Maupay didi ha Catbalogan bisan kon ining urhi na semana, medjo masamok. This last week has been a busy one! There is so much work to be done!! haha 

Some of the fun things that have happened this week. 

Word of Wisdom
Some of our AMAZING investigators, the Adina Family, are already missionaries!! Just last Sunday we taught them the Word of Wisdom and at first it was hard for Brother to accept, but with the help of Sister Adina, they all committed to follow and Brother is going to work on quitting smoking and drinking alcohol. The Adina family own a health business selling CMD, a Mineral Food Supplement, and they go around to seminars, to schools, all over the place teaching and sharing about the importance of good health. Two days after we taught them the WoW, Brother Adina, in his presentation to this whole school, started talking about "Joseph Smith's Word of Wisdom." haha The Church is true guys. People can change. The Adina family are for sure going to be future leaders in the church. 

Multi-marketing Scam
This past week on exchanges, Sister Russon and her companion were making lots of contacts on the street and gave out our number to a few people. Well, one of them texted us back the next day and invited us to go share our message at a seminar. Seminars are a big thing here in the Philippines, so we were thinking this was going to be great opportunity to do another "Dan Jones" thing. We prepared big time, even got lost looking for the location of this seminar. When we finally got there, there were very few people and our contact took us into an office where this guys proceeds to sell us this idea of selling their product for almost an hour. A pyramid scheme. Because we already go door to door. We had to explain to this guy that that is NOT our purpose and we would not be doing that for them. They also wanted an international connection for their business because we are foreigners. Then they told us the seminar might actually be later that day, but we just gave them some pamphlets to hand out. They took a million pictures of the 2 Americans who know Waray-Waray, then we got out of there. 

Relief Society Activity
This past week we planned a Relief Society Activity for the sisters, and it was a huge success! We had 20 sisters show up and it was a lot of fun! It was a great way for the Recent Converts to bond with the other sisters and a good break from their day-to-day work. They could just relax and have fun. We made little invite handouts to invite/remind people about the activity and they were all so excited when they received it! We had a form with Get to Know you questions, taught them a welcome song, played games, watched a Mormon Message, then had some food. So fun. :)

We also had ZTM this week in Calbayog, Sister Russon and I gave a training on Planning and this week we are all travelling all the way up to Northern Samar, Catarman, for our Multi Zone Conference. 

That is basically it! It's rainy season again. We are doing well! I love you all! Until next week!


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Relief Society activity

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