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Monday, November 14, 2016

Good Bye Catbalogan

Maupay na aga ha iyo ngatanan, 

And yep, you guessed it. Transfers. Sadly the announcement is still later today, so I don't know where I'm going yet, BUT I have good news!! Burod na ako kay I'm training for my last 2 cycles. Whitewashing! Haha just like my first 2 cycles in my mission. Going out with a bang. 

The last few days of saying goodbye have been hard. Tears have been shed. I think I have sung "God Be With You til We Meet Again" more in the last few days than I have my whole life combined. 6 months flew by. I love the people here in Catbalogan and will miss them SO much. BUT, this is not goodbye talaga, because "I shall return!." 

As for this past week, on Tuesday we had a specialized training for all the sisters. Half of the mission (just sisters) gathered in the mission home and we cooked!! It was called "Master Chef Pinoy Edition" We had a race splitting up into teams and one companionship going to the grocery store and the other to the wet market. A race. Then a cooking contest! The good news is my team placed in each category of prizes. 3rd in Budgeting. 2nd in Time (Fastness...?) and 1st in Taste!! :D We cooked Chop Suey and Fried Rice. The bad news is.... I sliced my finger pretty good... haha but it's ok and healing! I'm still alive, and despite the war wound am still preparing to be a great mother who can cook! ;) 

We also had a Branch Family Home Evening and a combined FHE with the Duena, Bustillo, and Sanico families. 

Overall it has been a really fun last week in Catbalogan! Catbalogan I'll miss you! Hinay kamo perme! 


Sister Healey

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