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Sunday, July 10, 2016


Kamusta kamo ngatanan! 

This past week has been awesome. We are killing it out here in Catbalogan. And by killing it I mean helping people a lot . . . haha . To start off with, Monday (4th OF JULY) we had the best Zone Activity in Calbayog! We did an amazing race around the city but it all had to do with missionary work. For example: getting an on the spot lesson, then making at least 5 contacts on the street and taking selfies with them, then a scripture race. It was so fun and definitely helped us reach the goal given by the area presidency for 30 contacts a day. We ended with over 40! Then to finish the day we had an FHE at a members home, Brother Nikki. He took us to the fanciest Hotel in Calbayog and bought all of us dinner. It was by far the BEST 4th of July ever! Tuesday we had our Zone Training Meeting. 

Recently Sister Prudencio and I have really been focusing on Prospective Elders, Contacting Less Active or Inactive Families. It really works. As we have contacted them and shared with them, they have been so receptive. There was one sister who hasn't been to church in years and just felt lost, like she wasn't important. Forgotten. As we shared about our savior Jesus Christ and how He doesn't forget anyone, tears came to her eyes and the spirit testified of it's truthfulness. Every single human being alive is important. Whether friend or foe we are ALL children of God and are loved. 

Sister Prudencio and I also reached our goal of being in the newsletter 3 times!!! 
Something funny: the other day my companion thought she knew a short cut to get to one of our areas and we ended up taking over an hour hike out in the middle of nowhere. haha 

My roommate Sister Arais is going home now because her mission is over! Today is also transfer announcements! And tomorrow transfer day, so we will see what happens! 

In general this past week has been so crazy busy. We reached almost all of our goals! 12 investigators came to church yesterday! That has been the most investigators who attended church in my entire mission! We have a lot of progressing investigators and in church yesterday I was just SO happy. I was sitting in sacrament meeting listening to the speaker, sitting next to an investigator family, the Adina family. Sometimes the father would lean over to me and ask questions about the talk that was being shared and I helped them find reference scriptures so they could read them. In this family, specifically, I have already seen a big change in character. The Father has already become happier and I have seen just a glimpse of how the gospel of Jesus Christ changes people's lives. One of our other investigators came in late and sat on the other side of me with her little girl. Her name is Riza and she has already become a happier person as well and has been sharing her testimony with others. That feeling I had I can't even begin to explain. I couldn't do it justice. That feeling is why I served a mission. I felt like I was fulfilling my purpose. It is not even anything I have done, it is just the Light of Christ touching these peoples lives and I have been blessed enough to be a witness.

I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the same Church that Jesus Christ himself established that was lost but was restored in the 1800's through the Prophet Joseph Smith.Through this restored gospel our families can be together forever, not just in this life, but for eternity. 

I know that is true with all of my heart and no one can make me think otherwise. I love you all and hope you have a great week. Always look at the bright side, because if we spend to much time being negative that is all that we see. Everyday is a good day. It is all about attitude. Look up, pray always, and keep on keepin' on. 


Sister Healey

Dinner at the fancy hotel in Calbayog

 Part of the zone

Family Home Evening (FHE) 

Look, a shortcut!  (Our hike)

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