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Monday, July 18, 2016

Great things are happening :)

Maubay na Kulop! 

This week has been one of the most tiring weeks so far of my mission. I'm still in Catbalogan and Sister Prudy and I are still companions! The work continues! I'm am so thankful that we are still here. There are so many amazing people and investigators that we have to get baptized!! :))) 

Sister Prudencio and I have been working hard this past week to break those false limitations and have been seeing the blessings! Basically our recent converts are future leaders in the church because they are SO amazing. They have come so far and have the light of Christ about them! We have a few Investigator families right now that are really progressing and I have just seen so many lives change through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Some fun/ funny things this week:

- we visited that deaf Lolo again and I helped him pray, but if he couldn't hear exactly what I said he would say whatever he thought I said or make up a word, and it was probably the funniest prayer. It was so hard to finish because we were laughing. He is still the cutest old man. 

- we were walking on this side road and a pedicab driver came by and sideswiped me. My skirt got caught in the wheel and I flashed all of Catbalogan (really only like 4 people) but it was still super embarrassing. haha

- some little kids called Sister Prudencio 'Mama Mary" 

- I climbed a mango tree this morning with this old nanay and picked mangos with this stick mango catcher thing

- 13 investigators at church! 

- Exchanges with the San Joaquin Sisters: Sister Fajardo

- I met Bob Marley (not really) 

And . . . that's all I can remember. I love it here in Catbalogan! Hope you are all doing fantastic and I will talk to you all next week! Take Care! 


Sister Healey

(Maddie included this link in her email. It is very inspirational and worth watching :) )

So beautiful!

Sister Prudencio and Sister Healey

At church with investigators

Visiting the deaf tatay

Climbing the mango tree :)

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