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Sunday, April 17, 2016


Maupay na aga! (Good morning!) 

How are you all? What's new? As for me:

This last Monday, we were able to borrow the movie 17 Miracles from a member and watch it with some investigators, pausing occasionally so I could explain what was happening because it was in English. It was so good! Afterwards we shared about faith and trials and how we have to make sacrifices to follow the commandments of God. If the pioneers could do all of that, then the LEAST we can do is what He has asked of us. Attend church every week, pay a full tithe, keep the Work of Wisdom, etc. I know that He will bless us. We have commandments to guide us and keep us safe, just like parents give their children rules, so that we can be blessed and happy if we follow them. And we need to follow ALL of them so that we can return to live again with our Father in Heaven. 

This week is transfers. It came so fast. I don't know what will happen but I guess you all will find out next week. :) 

This week we had exchanges in Tacloban! And man, it's even hotter over there than here in Tanauan, but it was fun. My companion was Sister Odlime.  I met this nanay who lived in Salem Oregon for 1 year with her husband!! She would do temple work all the time in Portland! Small World right?!?! She said she's planning on going back and living there permanently. She said she loves Oregon. That it's really pretty. :) I hope when I get home from my mission I will be able to go meet her again in the States. 

And I ate balut again. It was... ok. 

I crossed this really ghetto bridge of bamboo, that almost broke. 

And I'm still alive! Doing well! I love you all! And until next week! Hinay! 

Sister Healey

Crossing the bamboo bridge

Sister Esekia and Sister Healey

Sister Odlime the the naynay who loves Oregon :)

Eating Balut

Balut (Eww!)

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